Easyjet Inflight Magazine July 2014

“…Made for cocktail hour”

No prizes for guessing the etymology of this hotel’s name. The water dominates here, from its Michelin-starred Ocean restaurant to the views. In fact, the stiff breezes, Art Deco design and sea-facing balconies might give one impression of being on a cruise.

Designated one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, it has a low-key glamour. This is best seen in the lobby, with its gentle splashing of koi carp and a piano so grand you wonder when Noël Coward will emerge to tinkle its ivories. Food is a big deal on Jersey and chef Mark Jordan makes full use of the island’s noteworthy produce with his eclectic take on staple dishes, while the hotel’s Michelin Experience incorporates a three-night stay with trips to the island’s other starred restaurants. By day, most guests venture out, eschewing the delights of on-site health club and golf course, to explore the countryside, museums and pristine beaches. Before nightfall, however, there’s a returning fl urry. Why? Well, with its genteel style, vintage vibe and sunset-facing balconies, this place was made for cocktail hour.

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