Art at The Atlantic

paintings of jersey channel islands Atlantic Dunes , Nicholas Romeril

Atlantic Dunes , Nicholas Romeril

One of the leading Jersey artists, Jersey born, Nicholas Romeril has been involved in the London and Jersey art scene over the last two decades, his work having been featured in thirteen solo shows and over fifty group exhibitions around Europe. He studied at Camberwell College of Art and Design in London and is currently lecturing at Highlands College in St Helier. Atlantic Dunes, like all of Nick’s Dunes series is not a particular place but an ideal. It shows St Ouen’s Bay with its sweeping wave formations leading to the headland at L’Etacq. Footprints left in the sand entice the observer to wonder who has been there before. For more information please visit

jersey artists channel islands Crossing the Sands, Naomi Renouf

Crossing the Sands, Naomi Renouf

Another native islander, Naomi Renouf is a machine and hand embroiderer and specialises in hangings and framed textile pictures. Although originally a painter, Naomi has worked with a variety of media over the years as her style gradually became more abstract. Crossing the Sands is inspired by the sea, the dunes and the seashore. Several different techniques have been used in its production. The background has been quilted and painted and a variety of different textiles have been applied on to this surface using free machine embroidery. Most of the pieces of silk used have been hand dyed. The surface has then been further embellished with cording, beading and hand embroidery. For more information please visit

paintings of jersey channel islands La Rocco, Martin Bullivant

La Rocco, Martin Bullivant

Martin Bullivant is a professional artist who came to live in Jersey as a small child and grew up in the wilds of St Ouen’s Bay which instilled in him an instinctive feel for the essence of the island’s unique landscape. Commissioned by Patrick Burke to paint a typical St Ouen’s Bay scene he chose the long view of the sweep of the bay to L’Etacq, taking in the iconic shape of La Rocco Tower. The scene depicts one of the huge sunsets so typical of the bay, where even the sand picks up the fire in the sky.

Putting Out , Glenn Badham

Putting Out , Glenn Badham

Having originally trained as a dancer, Glenn Badham has been a self-employed artist for over ten years. His work develops from sketches made at live events, dance halls, theatres, clubs and sporting occasions. Sports imagery represents a fair proportion of his work, and in particular the dynamics of movement and the tension of the moment. In Putting Out he examines the contrast between the player calmly awaiting his putt with his casual posture as opposed to the stroke player whose body mirrors the same dynamic but is full of control, concentration and kinetic energy. For more information please visit

Wood Notes, Frances Murray

Wood Notes, Frances Murray

Frances Murray was born in Uruguay and educated in the UK where she studied Modern History at Oxford. She came to Fine Art after a career in publishing and teaching, and now lives and works in the artists’ quarter in London’s East End. She has exhibited widely, recent work being represented in the corporate collections of the Bank of England and Merrill Lynch, and in individual projects in London, New York and Tokyo. Wood Notes is part of a series of monoprints. They are meditations on line, texture and colour which derive their imagery from elements of the inner structure of trees, suggesting both symbolic human association and metaphorical landscapes.

Thoughts and Afterthoughts, Ellie Yannas

Thoughts and Afterthoughts, Ellie Yannas

Ellie Yannas was born in Istanbul and brought up in Athens before moving to London to study art. Her work has a strong three dimensional quality. Thoughts and Afterthoughts consists of eighteen individual paintings that are positioned together in order to be viewed as one coherent whole. The inspiration for the paintings comes from the sacred geometry found in nature, both in the macrocosm and the microcosm of the structure of things, and which is reflected across all cultures in the spiritual symbols for the universe. These are juxtaposed with script, the texts of poems and philosophical thought, as well as the drawn organic forms of leaves and shells, in the hope that they generate their own language.

jersey artists channel islands Les Laveurs, Gabrielle Radiguet

Les Laveurs, Gabrielle Radiguet

Gabrielle Radiguet was born in Jersey and was awarded a Barreau Art Scholarship prior to studying at Camberwell School of Art. Her undergraduate training continued at Sheffield Hallam University, graduating in 1990 with an honours degree in Fine Art (specialising in painting and installation work). Since returning to Jersey, she has shown work extensively in a variety of venues and contexts and regularly contributes to the Island’s annual charity exhibitions. Currently in residence at Castle Quay Gallery and Studios, Gabrielle is best known for her contemporary abstract landscape painting using a variety of mediums, including ink, oil and resin, and examples can be found in many private and corporate collections. For more information please visit