Local Attractions


Open every day except Christmas Day

The headquarters of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust lies in 32 acres of serene parkland and features a remarkable collection of rare and endangered species. The vision of conservationist and celebrated author Gerald Durrell, this zoological park is home to gorillas, orang-utans, Andean bears, lemurs and exotic birds and reptiles. In addition to enabling visitors to see fascinating species in their own natural habitat, the zoo is also designed to educate young and old about the importance of protecting animals and saving them from extinction both at home and around the world.

Jersey War Tunnels

Open daily March – October

The Channel Islands were occupied by German forces from June 1940 until their liberation on 9 May 1945, the only part of the British Isles to be invaded during World War ll. The Jersey War Tunnels are a product of these five long years of occupation, hollowed out under a hillside by forced labour from nations across Europe. Originally intended to be a barracks and ammunition store for the occupying forces, these days the tunnels present the story of the Occupation, looking at how all sides coped under extreme conditions and examining the daily dilemmas that were faced by islanders.

Eric Young Orchid Foundation

Open Wednesday – Saturday February – December

This unique centre houses one of the world’s most spectacular orchid collections and is dedicated to the breeding, development and display of these enigmatic and exotic flowers.

Mont Orgueil Castle

Open daily April – October

Standing majestically above one of the island’s most picturesque bays, Mont Orgueil (‘Mount Pride’) has for centuries been one of Jersey’s defining icons. The castle, which was built in 1204 to counter the possibility of a French invasion, is protected by cliffs and the sea on three sides. It served to repel 15 attacks between 1204 and 1600, and today offers visitors the chance to explore its ancient passages and enjoy stunning views across calmer waters to the French coast.

La Mare Wine Estate

Open Monday – Saturday Easter – October

A wine-lovers paradise, La Mare is dedicated to the art of winemaking and distilling. From humble beginnings in 1972, the estate now produces around 40,000 bottles of wine each year, including the award-winning Cuvée de la Mare, Clos de la Mare and Bailiwick. The estate also presses 100 tonnes of apples for its Pompette vintage cider and Apple Brandy annually. And not content with being the island’s leading vineyard, La Mare has also created speciality preserves, mustards, fudge, black butter and luxury chocolates, all of which can be purchased on the estate.

aMaizin! Adventure Park

Open daily April – September

This award winning attraction launches annually with aMaizin! Adventure Park in April, followed by aMaizin! Maze on 1st July constructed entirely of the cereal crop maize. There are puzzles and clues to find and decipher providing great family fun.