Gardens & Grounds

The Atlantic Hotel gardens occupy a prominent headland position overlooking the island’s premier wildlife site, Les Mielles, a conservation area of international significance and outstanding natural beauty. St Ouen’s Bay with its dune system known as Les Blanches Banques is designated a ‘Special Site’ or SSI. Some of the more stable elements of the dunes are between 3,000 and 4,000 years old.

In the Great Storm of October 1987 The Atlantic suffered extensive tree losses in particular along the drive and the eastern boundary with La Moye Golf Club. This setback turned out to have long term benefits as it provided an opportunity to open up the grounds, vastly improving views over the golf course, down to the coast and out to the ocean.

Today the main focus continues to be the enhancement of views from the hotel while extending, integrating and upgrading planting. A recent initiative has seen earlier tree losses offset by the planting of new stands of pine. A principle management aim in extending tree cover is to provide a mixed age effect in the event of any future storms and avoid the effects of relying on only one or two species of tree.

New permanent planting with a maritime theme has replaced the previously bedded areas west of the swimming pool and around the studios and suites. Further grassland improvements are ongoing to limit the encroachment of bracken and gorse. This work forms part of a rolling five year plan to upgrade the semi-natural areas and includes crown lifting and thinning of trees, scrub control, removal of alien species and the eventual provision of informal paths with associated seating to take advantage of the superb views across the bay.

The site is unique on the edge of one of the few un-enclosed landscapes on the island. This, coupled with the long views out to the ocean, creates a special sense of place and not far from the hotel there are long walks through the unspoilt countryside just waiting to be discovered.