The Atlantic Hotel’s Mark Jordan joins top chefs to create Recipes for Life

Mark Jordan, Executive Head Chef of the Michelin-starred Ocean Restaurant at The Atlantic Hotel and sister restaurant Mark Jordan at the Beach has joined forces with nine of the country’s top chefs to create simple, delicious recipes for those living with cancer.




‘Recipes for Life’ contains 120 recipes created by ten leading chefs: Andrew Fairlie, Daniel Galmiche, Galton Blackiston, Jason Atherton, John Williams, Mark Jordan, Peter Fiori, Sam Moody, Simon Boyle and Steve Drake.




Written by publisher Peter Marshall with Chef Michel Roux OBE, in consultation with Dr Maurice Slevin, Consultant Oncologist at Leaders in Oncology Care (LOC) and Kelly McCabe (Oncology Dietician), ‘Recipes for Life’ offers expert guidance on nutrition and provides tasty and appetite-enhancing recipes for cancer sufferers going through treatment and individuals recovering from the disease, of which there are currently around 2 million in the UK.




The inspiration for the book came from publisher Peter Marshall, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer two years ago. After undergoing eight months of intensive treatment at LOC, Peter is now in remission, and this experience inspired him to compile ‘Recipes for Life’. Similarly, each of the chefs who have contributed to the book has also been directly or indirectly touched by the disease, and so all of the recipes they have created have a special meaning for them.




On being asked to contribute to the book Mark Jordan said “When Peter approached me about participating in this book I jumped at the opportunity. My sister-in-law is currently in remission from the disease and my mother had leukaemia and as well as knowing Peter’s history with cancer, I felt that this was a subject very close to my heart.”




Mark’s mouth-watering and healthy dishes featured in the book include ‘Vanilla scented natural yoghurt with honey, fresh red berries and oatmeal’, ‘Mark Jordan’s Tuna Nicoise’ and ‘Almond panna cotta, apricots and sorbet’. All recipes include ingredients approved by the nutrition and medical experts involved in creating the publication.




On his involvement Chef Michel Roux OBE says; “It was an easy decision to lend my support to this book and I quickly recruited many of my chef friends to join the project. I know first-hand how important food is in helping to restore strength and sustain a sense of self, following my diagnosis of cancer seven years ago. The great thing about this book is that it is not a set of rules, rather it’s just simple, pleasurable food with integrity. Everyone that has contributed to this book shares the same passion: to inspire and invigorate. This is a book of tempting treats and healthy food ideas; a book that lifts the spirits. To eat is to live, and this book provides powerful, pure pleasure and inspiration.”




Not intended to be a scientific text book, but instead filled with simple delicious recipes, practical advice and beautiful photography, the information and recipes within ‘Recipes for Life’ present the most up-to-date guidance regarding eating well during and after cancer. It’s been created not just for those that have completed cancer treatment – the recipes are designed to be enjoyed by the whole family and by those simply trying to eat well to improve their health.


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