The Atlantic Hotel joins Climavore Jersey – conservation that tastes good

The Atlantic Hotel has joined Climavore Jersey, a select group of catering establishments acting as pioneers in conservation cooking. Climavore helps to raise awareness of how diet can be used as a practical conservation tool and have a positive impact on the environment.


Decades of intensive farming and land degradation have suffused Jersey’s waters with nitrates and chemicals, leading to recurrent algal blooms and habitat loss. However Channel Island waters are rich with organisms that can reverse the effects of pollution and protect Jersey’s coast. One mussel is able to filter up to 25 litres of water a day, a single oyster up to 120 litres. Seaweeds provide an incredible source of easy-access protein without the need for irrigation or fertilisers, while absorbing surplus nitrates from agricultural runoff.


Will Holland, Executive Chef at The Atlantic Hotel’s Ocean restaurant and Steve Smith of Bohemia at The Club Hotel & Spa are partnering to lead Culinary Arts students at Highlands College to create a dining event inspired by Climavore on Thursday 10th May. Diners will enjoy a three-course menu with complimentary cocktails. For students, this is an opportunity to develop an appreciation of the potential impact their future careers might have on conservation and farming practices, while engaging with talented chefs working in the industry to develop their culinary skills.


Chefs Will and Steve will mentor the students and help them produce exceptional seafood dishes. To start, diners can enjoy beef tartare with foraged bitter herbs, oyster emulsion topped with smoked quail yolk. The main course will include seaweed butter roasted hake fillet, charred mussels with samphire, potato puree and seaweed butter sauce. Meadowseet pannacotta with aromatic rhubarb and elderflower will be available for dessert.


Meanwhile, diners visiting Ocean Restaurant at The Atlantic Hotel can enjoy a complimentary Climavore amuse bouche from now until October 2018, dishes being featured over the summer will include charred mussel and sea purslane served with a mussel cream sauce and poached Jersey oyster and crispy rock samphire topped with a cucumber cream as well as an amuse bouche of Jersey scallop tartar with crunchy salty fingers, lime and chilli.


Patrick Burke, owner and managing director of The Atlantic Hotel said: ‘’ we are proud to be working with Climavore Jersey and hope that this will inspire others to join us. At The Atlantic Hotel we are incredibly fortunate to be situated in a conservation area of international significance within the newly designated Jersey National Park, with our grounds benefitting from extraordinary views over the length and breadth of St Ouen’s Bay. This means that we have a first-hand appreciation of the conservation challenges we all face and are committed to doing our bit to protect the outstanding natural beauty of Jersey’s waters. ’’


Tickets to the Climavore Creations dinner on 10 May are available from Highlands College.


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