Driving in Jersey

Drivers in Jersey must keep to the left and wear seatbelts at all times. The maximum speed limit in Jersey is 40 mph, and on the island's network of Green Lanes – where priority must be given to cyclists, horses and pedestrians – this drops as low as 15 mph. The sequence of traffic lights differs to the UK in that they go from Red to Green with no Amber, and where drivers see a 'Filter in Turn' sign they must alternate with other road users when negotiating the junction. In the event of an accident, drivers must stop immediately and report the incident to the Police +44 (0)1534 612612.

Parking is not permitted at any time on single yellow lines, and this may incur a fine. Where parking is permitted, a Paycard sign will be displayed. Paycards are available from the hotel as well as from Post Offices, shops and garages, but not at the car parks themselves, and must be used from 08.00 to 17.00 Monday to Saturday. Three types of Paycard are available – one, two and four units – where one unit equals one hour's parking. Paycards are validated by scratching panels to reveal the month, the day, the date, and the hour and minute of arrival.

Disabled Parking
Visitors to Jersey who have a European style blue badge can use this during their stay providing they follow local guidelines. Badge holders should note the one important difference from UK practice is that vehicles may NOT park on yellow lines at any time.